Custom Fishing Jersey

Be unique on water

We will create you your dream custom fishing jersey that you can proudly wear on your fishing trips.

This custom fishing jersey gives you comfort, protection and good look in one!

Why you need Custom Fishing Jersey?

When we are out on the water we have to protect our body against the different weather conditions not to mention the harmful ultra violet rays coming from the sun and directly reflected by the water.

If you are a health conscious fisherman and want to wear practical and comfortable fishing garments as well you should be careful to select the highest quality material available. And if we think one step further, we would like to be stylish at the water and show that we are part of a big family of the world of anglers.

If you are a serious fisherman who is a specimen hunter, you might want to show to the wide public passing behind you while fishing that you pursue pike, zander or even perch. Your fishing jersey’s design shows it because that certain predator is hunting on the chest or back of the jersey.

How to order your Custom Fishing Jersey?

  1. Select one of our base models. You can see all in the gallery.

  2. Select the type of the neck and the position of your logos.

  3. Explain in details how you imagine the Custom fishing Jerseys.

  4. Send your logos to email address.

  5. We make the graphical design and sending it to you to check.

  6. We calculate the delivery cost and sharing it with you

  7. Payment

  8. Production

  9. Delivery

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The delivery fee is calculated one by one and communicated by email.
The Custom Jerseys are manufactured in China.
The production usually takes 2 weeks + delivery but can be longer.

Product Features


Durability is quite a complex term. It means that the material can be stretched in any direction without any torsion in the material or the design. It cannot tear easily during some kind of physical effect. If your hook of your fishing rig comes into contact with your jersey it will not damage the material while unhooking.

Sun Protection (UPF)

It is a standard which is used to measure the effectiveness of fabrics against sun. This abbreviation stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Protecting our body against the dangerous and harmful rays of the sun is essential while we are staying outdoors. It is similar to the SPF (sun protection factor) on sun creams but it measures UVB only. UPF measures UVA and UVB protection as well.

The highest standard quality clothes are equipped with this feature. After UPF abbreviation there can be found a number starting from 15 to 50+. The lower the number the weaker the protection is.

Our garments feature 50+ protection factor which means it is the highest available. What does it mean translated into everyday use? The 50+ means that 1/50 of the UV radiation can pass through the fabrics only, so it is about 2% and 98% is blocked!

Fade Resistant

Fading means the overall lightening of the colours features your garment. Our jerseys are fade resistant which means that the pictorial design and your customized elements will not fade away from your valued jersey after periodical cleaning or washing due to the sublimation process. Your jersey will be exposed to direct sunlight, mud, dirt, sweat during different fishing conditions not to mention the splotch of fish slime which are not problems any more. They can easily be washed and cleaned without fearing of the jersey’s colours fading.


Our jerseys are equipped with antistatic protection which prevents building up electricity in the base material. You could have experienced some kind of unpleasant feeling while you were taking off clothes and small audible noises and stingy effects were felt. If you undress our jersey it will not happen to you.

Moisture Absorption

While you are fishing under direct sunlight it is natural that we sweat. It is very unpleasant if the small liquid particles exudes through the pores of your skin will accumulate on the surface of your skin and start dripping or flowing. Our jerseys stop these phenomena they absorb the moisture immediately and store it in the material.

Stain Resistant

It means that our fabrics are treated to withstand against dirt, fish slime or other staining or markings. Most of the contamination can easily be wiped off the jersey’s surface without any colour fade in the material.

High Breathability

Breathable materials are used to give more comfort to the wearer. While we are fishing under direct sunlight sweating is a natural reaction of our body to cool down the surface. Breathable material makes it possible not to keep all the moisture under the garment but lets it go through the micro pores to evaporate. This feature gives the fisherman more comfort in tough weather.

Quick Drying

It is one of the most important features our garments have. Outdoorsmen like to spend their time in the nature and its natural consequence that some stains, moisture or other dirt comes into contact with the jersey. It is not a problem to wash them even in cool water and peg them to sundry. It will take a very short time to become dry. You do not need a washing machine and a drier to make them dry quickly.

Odour Resistant

The specialized structure of the garment can keep the unpleasant body smell from sweating. It is very important because you can feel confident under high pressure, you should not take care of the bad smells.

Easy to Iron and Wash

As it is an easy-to-care material, as its name implies it is easy to wash or clean. You do not have to bother around finding hot water to clean your garment. Even cold water will do the job. It is quite a lightweight material, so it can be handled easily while ironing it. It does not shrink easily so ironing can be done in no time. Without ironing it looks quite smart.

Maintains Body Temperature

Maintaining body temperature is very important especially when we are in extreme conditions. If you are fishing in really hot, this jersey keeps you quite cool because the material lets the excess moisture out. On the other hand, in cooler weather it keeps you warmer to give you comfort and you should not be bothered by severe weather conditions. You can focus on fishing only.

Hand-painted design

All the jersey designs are exclusively hand-painted by Andrey Veduta. These fish based pictorial designs are rooted in the passion of Andrey, and it is easy to guess what, of course fishing! He carefully studies the fish species by watching them in natural habitat, taking underwater photos and motion picture to have a chance to inspect them carefully and detailed to create expert drawings. The final results are stunning images as can be seen on the jerseys.