I. Effect of privacy policy

Present Privacy and Data Protection policy (hereinafter referred to as: Policy) applies to services and data management directly related to the website at the following web link: www.fishingwear.eu. The Policy is valid and effective for indefinite period of time. The Policy may be modified by the Data Manager at any time, however, Data Manager shall preliminarily notify the Users about any modification in appropriate format (Newsletter or pop-up window that appears at login). The notification shall precede the date when modification takes effect, and shall be provided to the User in a timely manner to allow the User to decide about the acceptance or rejection and deletion of his/her registration. The effect and scope of Policy does not extend to questions regulated in the GTC (i.e.: shopping, complaints management). Therefore the Policy does not duplicate information on shopping, payment or delivery processes discussed in the GTC.

II. Definition of terms

1.User: any person that uses the services of
the website operated by the Data Manager after completing the adequate purchase
process on the website.

2.Personal data: data
related to any specified natural person (hereinafter referred to as: involved
party) or any conclusion drawn from the data related to the involved party. The
personal data will maintain personal qualification throughout the data
management process, until the relationship with the involved party can be

3.Data management: a
process, or a sequence of processes, carried out on data, regardless of the
applied method, for instance: data collection, registry, saving,
classification, storage, modification, use, transmission, disclosure,
harmonization or linking, locking, deletion or erasure, and prevention of
further data use.

4.Data Manager: Wobblerek.com Kft.

5.Data Transmission: a process that opens
the data access to a specified and authorized third party.

6.Disclosure: a process that opens the data
access to the public.

7.Data deletion: irreversible
process of making data unrecognizable and unrecoverable

8.Data processing: technical processes
related to data management operation, regardless of the method of instrument
applied to carry out the processes, or the site of application.

9.Data processor: natural
person or legal entity, or any individual or business, or organization that is
not a legal entity that carries out data processing of personal data upon the
commission of Data Manager -including any commissions based on legal provisions.

10.Automatized data stocks: data stocks that
are automatically processed.

11.Instrumental processing:
includes the following operations, if they are carried out partly or completely
with automatized instruments: data storage, logical and arithmetic operations
carried out with data, modification, deletion, recovery or extension of data.

III. Scope and format of managed data

1.Usable data according to User
consent: e-mail address,
first and surname, delivery address, accounting name and address, phone number.

2.Usable data technically
saved during system operation: data of the computer of a logging-in User, which are saved
during the service use, by the Data Manager’s system as an automatic result of
technical processes (such data particularly include: IP address, or in some
cases the operating system and browser type). These automatically saved data
will be entered in the system diary during login and logout, without the
expressed consent or activity of the User. These data cannot be linked to other
personal user data—with exception of data listed under the provisions
of law. The data are accessible only and exclusively by the Data Manager.

3.Data Manager is authorized
to modify the contents of the registration menu, to delete certain data fields
and create new data fields, particularly if user demands and customs make it
desirable or justifiable. The Data Manager must inform Users about the changes
latest within 15 days preceding the first use of modifications.

4. The Data Manager is not entitled to modify
any submitted data.

IV. Purpose and conditions of privacy

1.Data Management is
preceded by the voluntary consent of users of the webcontent of website
www.fishingwear.eu, based on preliminary and adequate information. The consent
includes the users’ expressed agreement to the use of personal data submitted
during the period of use. The legal grounds for data management are constituted
in the voluntary consent of the involved user.

2.The purpose of data management is to
guarantee the providing of services accessible under the URL address www.fishingwear.eu. These include: – e-mail address to allow communication

– e-mail address and password to
identify User during the login process, – other data serve the performance of
services, delivery and accounting.

3.The purpose of automatic data saving is
the creation of statistics, the development of IT system and the protection of
user rights.

4.The Data Manager is
entitled to send electronic mail to the User’s registered email (newsletter or
advertisements with promotional purpose related to the service), if the User
gave his/her consent during the registration process or during any the period
of use.

5.Data Manager cannot use users’ personal
data for purposes other than what is specified in this section.

6.Data Manager is not
liable for reviewing any submitted personal data for validity or adequacy. The
User submitting any personal data is solely and fully liable for the validity
and adequacy of submitted data. From the moment of submission of User’s personal
email address, User is held responsible for guaranteeing that the services are
used only and exclusively by the User and no other persons who may access the
same email address. With regards to the liability for service use, the burden
of responsibility for all action related to the login with personal email
address, encumbers only and exclusively to the User who is registered under the
email address.

V. Access to managed data

1.Personal Data of the User
may be transmitted to a third party or to authorities only with the
preliminary, expressed consent of the User—unless otherwise stated by the
provisions of law.

2.The Data Manager maintains the rights to
employ Data Processor to carry out specific technical operations.

VI. Time period of data management

1.Data Manager is entitled
to manage personal data of the User until the date of the User’s unregistration
from the service (i.e. undoing registration with the specific Username).
Deletion must take place within 15 days after the arrival of User request for
unregistration (that is, the request for deletion).

In case of the unlawful or misleading use
of personal data, the suspicion of a criminal offense committed by the User, or
a system attack, the Data Manager is entitled to delete User data simultaneously
with the unregistration of the User. In case of suspicion of criminal offense
or civil liability, the Data Manager is also entitled to store data for the
period of investigation.

2.Personal Data provided by
the User – even in case the User does not unregister from the services – are
accessible for use by the Data Manager until the User does not submit written
and expressed request for the termination of his/her data use. The User’s
request to terminate data use without unregistration from service use, will not
affect the User’s right to service use, however, it is possible that in absence
of personal data, a number of services will no longer be available for his/her
use. Deletion of data will take place within 15 days after the receipt of User
request for deletion.

3.Data saved automatically
and technically during system operation, are stored in the system from the
moment of data generation through a time period that is necessary for system
operation. The Data Manager guarantees that these, automatically saved data
must not be linked to other personal data – expect for cases specified by the
provisions of law. If the User withdrew his/her consent to personal data use,
or unregistered from the services, the User’s person will not be identifiable
from the technical data.

VII. User statement on the use of personal

1.Upon User request, the
Data Manager provides information on the use of the User’s data, including the
purpose and legal grounds of use, the period of use, as well as the names,
addresses, and data

activities of other eventual data managers. Furthermore, Data Manager provides
information on who and why, will eventually receive (or already received) the
data. User requests can be sent in written form, by mail or electronically to the
Data Manager, to the contact available on the following website:
www.fishingwear.eu Data Manager is responsible for responding to the requests
within 15 days upon receipt. In case of E-mail the date of receipt is
considered to be the first working day following the date of
the E-mail’s sending.

2.Information providing
requirement may only be denied by Data Manager under applicable provisions of
law. Data Manager is liable for informing the User about the reason for the
denial of information.

3.Any request for the
modification or deletion of personal data may be submitted in writing, by mail
or electronic mail to the Data Manager to the addresses provided at the
website, www.fishingwear.eu

4.Specified personal data modification may
also take place with the modification of website including the personal

5.Following the performance of request to
delete or modify personal data, the deleted materials can no longer be

VIII. Liability of User

1.User is liable for adhering to the
effective regulations, and for refraining from unlawful activities or any
violation of other users’ rights, during the period of use.

2.In case anyone is informed
about unauthorized disclosure of their personal data on the website, this
information may be indicated to the Data Manager. In case personal involvement
is indeed supported by evidence, the Data Manager will delete the data.

IX. Liability of Data Manager

1.Data Manager is liable
for making every effort and steps of due care to guarantee data protection, to
provide appropriate level of protection particularly against unauthorized
access, modification, transmission, disclosure, deletion or erasure, and
accidental erasure or damage.

2.Personal Data necessary
for the use of Data Manager’s Services, are used by the Company only with the
consent of involved parties, only and exclusively for specified purpose.

3.In all cases when the
data provided by User are to be used by Data Manager for purposes other than
those specified in the original agreement, the Data Manager must inform the
User and request the User’s preliminary, expressed consent, and allow
possibility for the User to deny his/her consent to data use.

4.Data Manager agrees to
the appropriate use of data in his/her access, in accordance with the provisions
of the data protection regulations, and will not transmit data to unauthorized
third party. This condition does not apply to the use of data in statistically
amassed form, which may not include, in any form, the name of the involved
party, or any other data suitable for personal identification.

 X. Affiliate program

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

While you visit our site, we’ll track:

  • Visits to the store: we’ll use this to generate statistics for affiliates and administrators.
  • Location, IP address and browser type: we’ll use this just for statistics, and to let administrators supervise traffic generated by affiliates.
  • Affiliate’s name, username, email address: we’ll use this information to register and keep track of affiliates.

We’ll also use cookies to keep track of visit and sales generate by affiliates.

Who on our team has access

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

Members of our team have access to the information you provide us. For example, both Administrators and Shop Managers can access:

  • Affiliate’s personal details;
  • System-generated commissions;
  • Payments sent to the affiliates;
  • Visits and sales generated through referral links.

Our team members have access to this information to correctly manage the affiliation system, and perform required actions in order to prevent customers from any inappropriate usage of the affiliate program.

What we share with others

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

We send payments through Bank Transfer. When processing payments, some of your data will be passed to or Bank, including information required to process or support the payment, such as the commission total and payment information.

XI. Enforcement of rights

1.With complaints, excuses
related to privacy or website use, Users may directly contact the Data Manager
that will make every effort to stop infringement and advance the remedy for any
violation of rights.

2.User’s privacy rights may
be enforced by court, User may also contact the European Commissioner for Data
Protection with complaints, or contact other data protection authorities
commissioned by the law.

European Commissioner for Data Protection:
Giovanni Buttarelli

Deputy Commissioner: Wojciech Wiewiórowski

Headquarters: Bruxelles (Belgium)

Website: https://secure.edps.europa.eu/EDPSWEB/edps/EDPS?lang

XII. Data Manager’s Contact Information

Company: Wobblerek.com Kft.

Headquarters: Hungary, 2112, Veresegyház,
Wesselényi Miklos u. 17.

E-mail: info@fishingwear.eu

Tax registry No.: HU25393899

Company registration No.: 13 09 177552